Air Conditioning Servicing

Stay cool all year

At A1 Autohaus, we keep you comfortable so that you can relax and enjoy the drive. Our qualified team will help you stay cool when you need it. Our technicians can handle any air conditioning issue you might face. From regular AC maintenance to total system repair, we have you covered! AC repair can range from a small issue to a wide reaching problem with knock-on impacts. The last thing you want is an unwanted smell lingering around - usually a sign of mold in the system.

We encourage you to have a yearly inspection to ensure that your AC is working efficiently. A routine inspection can also quickly identify small issues that can be addressed and repaired before becoming big, costly problems.


Common Air Conditioning Questions

Why is my car’s AC not blowing any air?

It’s a hot day, and your auto AC will not blow air – so frustrating! There could be several reasons why you are experiencing insufficient or no airflow. It could be a problem with the hose or ventilation fan or mildew growth on your evaporator core. No matter what the cause, our expert mechanics will solve the problem quickly and correct it the first time. 

Why is there a bad smell when I turn on my AC?

A sour smell coming from your air conditioning vents could be caused by a dirty cabin filter or mold in your system. We will carefully inspect and make any necessary replacements or repairs so you will be breathing fresh any time you go for a drive. 

Why is my car’s air conditioner blowing hot air?

There are several reasons why warm air is coming from your auto AC. It could be caused by a bad compressor clutch, a clogged expansion valve, or a coolant leak. To get to the cause of the problem and have it repaired by an expert technician, make an appointment with us today!


If you have other questions or AC problems, contact us to schedule a free inspection. Our knowledgeable mechanics will do all we can to offer you affordable solutions to all your AC needs.

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