New and Used Car Warranty Repairs

Automotive Manufacturer Warranties

When you purchase a new or certain pre-owned vehicles, you are given a manufacturer warranty. Such contracts between you and the car maker or dealer, ensure that your vehicle is free of any defects or failures. If such a breakdown does occur within a stated amount of time, the manufacturer or dealer should repair or compensate you free of charge.

In Australia, the manufacturer’s warranty cannot require you to have your vehicle serviced by an authorized dealer. You can trust A1 AutoHaus to provide everything you need for your warranty claims.


Dealer Specific Extended Warranties 

Some dealers elect to offer their own warranties that are in addition to what the vehicle manufacturer provides. Many times, these warranties begin after the manufacturer's warranty has expired. It is important to know that, unlike the manufacturer warranty, the dealer warranty can require you to have repairs made at a specific dealership. Pay careful attention to the stipulations if you have a dealer extended warranty, as using an independent repairer can void the warranty in certain situations.

If you have questions about repairs made under a manufacturer or dealer warranty, get in touch to find out how we can help.

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