Leyo Motorsport

In a world where performance, efficiency, and value for money are paramount, Leyo Motorsport brings the latest technology for the ultimate modifications to the Volkswagen Automotive Group.


Leyo Motorsport aims at closing the gap between the race culture and street performance through high end and well researched race modifications for the performance group of Volkswagen vehicles.

All Leyo Motorsports parts are produced in-house and are 100% made in Taiwan. With backgrounds in German & Japanese Auto vehicle parts manufacturing and high precision recreational ammunitions. Leyo Motorsports has taken years of knowledge and manufacturing ability and developed performance parts for the true driving enthusiast.

They choose to focus attention on the Volkswagen Auto Group brands due to their exceptional reputation for well-engineered equipment and easy modification for consumers. With unrivaled performance and industry leading quality, Leyo Motorsports stands behind all their products.


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